Issue 1 - February

New Faces at USAPA

In their ever-continuing quest to keep pace with the rapid growth of pickleball, the USAPA recently added three new staff members. 
Additionally, the USAPA announced four new Board members and their respective areas of expertise. 


USAPA Seeks Managing Director of Competition and Tournaments

Following the departure of Christine Barksdale, who left USAPA last month for a new position with HEAD/Penn, the USAPA is conducting a national search for a new Managing Director of Competition. As part of this national search, we want to provide all USAPA members with an opportunity to review the position and apply should they have interest. Read More...  


Classes Are in Full Swing at USAPA Pickleball Universities in 2019

Much like an Ivy League diploma, participation in a USAPA Pickleball University has become a highly sought-after experience, leading to improved play and a better understanding of one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Read More...



Fun, Games and Education Headline the East Coast Ambassador Retreat

Fun times were served up at the USAPA Ambassador Retreat at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida from February 1-6, 2019. And, while play on the courts was the highlight for nearly 200 Ambassadors who made their way to sunny Florida, the Retreat provided so much more. Read More...




Development of Junior Program with the USAPA Takes Center Stage

USAPA Juniors are often referred to as “the future of pickleball.” However, there is still a widespread perception that pickleball is for seniors only.  Except now, with an estimated 3.5 million pickleball players in the U.S. alone, you now see more and more kids playing pickleball. Read More...



Caring and Sharing is How the USAPA and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Play

The relationship between the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® continues to embrace heartwarming stories for patients and their families. Since November 2016, the USAPA has raised over $55,691.03 for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Much-needed funds generated from USAPA tournaments are being used to help these families and their loved ones so they can solely focus on their concerns – getting healthy and return to a normal childhood. Read More...



Applications are Available for USAPA Grant Programs

Just a friendly is the time for all USAPA ambassadors and members to become familiar (if not already so) with the tremendous opportunities the USAPA offers in start-up grants for communities and high schools. Read More...



April is National Pickleball Month - Are you ready?

Are you ready for National Pickleball Month? The USA Pickleball Association is encouraging
their 1,800 Ambassadors and all local clubs to shine a light on pickleball throughout the entire month of April with events, social play, tournaments or special discounts for first-time players, to raise awareness and introduce more people to the game. Please contact your local USAPA Ambassador for details, or to share events planned in your area.

USAPA News & Notes




Recurring Injuries: Why They Don’t Go Away?

Noe Sariban, PT, DPT

Does this sound familiar?
You are out playing pickleball one day, and do not notice any injury while you are playing. You wake up the next morning, and feel some soreness in a body part (shoulder, knee, Achilles, elbow, etc…). Nothing debilitating and at this time, and certainly nothing that would stop you from playing more. Read More...


Newsletter 2019 - Issue 1 - February