Issue 2 - April

USAPA Universities Receive Glowing Comments From Students

With the conclusion of the two back-to-back USAPA Pickleball Universities this past January, final grades are in. All students received outstanding instruction on how to improve their games and received passing grades and their graduation certificates. Read More...


April – National Pickleball Month

With April being National Pickleball Month, many communities across the country from Albany, New York to Denver, Colorado to Southern California captured the spirit of the sport by staging numerous special events.
Some were profiled by various local media outlets. One of them was KGTV, ABC Channel 10 in San Diego. 
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USA Pickleball Names Mark Peifer as its New Referee Coordinator

The USAPA is continually looking for ways to enhance the playing experience for all pickleball players. Recently, they announced the addition of Mark Peifer as the organization’s new Referee Coordinator. Read More...



Meet Hadley of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

When Hadley started getting sick a lot, her parents chalked it up to having started daycare. Then, her doctor did some bloodwork, and within fifteen minutes, they were told they were going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Hadley had acute myeloid leukemia. Read More...


USAPA Grant Programs

When you open the 2019 USAPA Grant Award location map (click here), you will find many new places where people are playing the sport of pickleball. Each new location was recently started by a USAPA member who wanted to introduce pickleball to their local community. They had a vision of their neighbors enjoying the sport as much as they do. Read More...



USAPA News and Notes

Pickleball Offers Relief to Vietnam Veteran Who Has Overcome Multiple Medical Hardships

The Sport of Pickleball Hits the Airwaves

Growing the Game of Pickleball in Dorchester County, Maryland



Pickleball Tournament Helps Raise Funds for Victims of Hurricane Michael in Florida

The Men’s Club of Punta Gorda, Florida have lunch once a month after a morning of pickleball at Gilchrist Park. Made up of mostly seniors, these community-minded men are always trying to help in any way they can the area in which they live and play. Read More...



Footwork and Mobility in Pickleball

Noe Sariban, PT, DPT

There are many ways to improve your pickleball game: you can drill and practice specific shots, you can lift weights and work on your strength, you can perform high intensity interval training to improve your stamina, and you can focus on your nutrition to maximize your overall health. Read More...  


Newsletter 2019 - Issue 2 - April