October 2020


On Friday, October 9th Live with Kelly and Ryan discussed PICKLEBALL! Kelly mentioned that her kids love pickleball and their family discussed almost building a personal court at their home. 
Visit a behind-the-scenes clip on our FACEBOOK PAGE and check your TV providers for the October 9th episode. 

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You saw Scott Foster and his NBA colleagues in Pickleball Magazine and now USA Today featured their pickleball passion inside the NBA Bubble, including video clips of Richard Jefferson playing. Visit their website for the full feature. 

Membership News


USA Pickleball is launching a new Official Club Membership. The club membership is for pickleball organizations, groups, and facilities.  A club membership will feature liability insurance coverage for the club and its participants for various pickleball programs and events hosted at their venue(s) throughout the year. Additionally, USA Pickleball Official Clubs will receive a USA Pickleball Official Club banner! Enrollment begins in November with coverage starting at the beginning of 2021. 

Why should you become a Club Member?

  • Receive Youth Pickleball Playbook and Activity Cards
  • Access to Discounted, Multi-Player Equipment Packs
  • Free Access to Youth Pickleball Video Series
  • Receive a digital copy of Pickleball Magazine and Newsletter
  • $40 per year
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Social on the Courts

@mtwine88 - Show us your Pickleball Halloween photos by tagging @USAPickleball & #USAPickleball!

@imjustoby - Toby showing his skills on the court!

@umichwtennis - Traded their racquets for paddles

@kerrilanetv - Kerri's whole family is addicted to pickleball!

@maritime_sga - Massachusetts Maritime Academy's homemade campus court

@love_savy_mae - jumping into the weekend like so many of us!

What's happening around USA Pickleball

New leagues launched in Durham, North Carolina!

For two local ambassadors, pickleball is the gateway to learning about new cultures. Nick Galvez, a USA Pickleball Ambassador, and Tracey Taylor saw an opportunity to partner with Durham Parks & Recreation to create a weekly singles and doubles league after they saw the desire from the local community. READ MORE...

USA Pickleball Apparel

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What's the Latest from USA Pickleball?

Apple Watch Adds Pickleball as a Workout

Apple made an exciting update for pickleball enthusiasts as our sport was officially added as a workout option with the Apple watchOS 7 update!

This is a big deal and across social media you can tell by the excitement of our players that this addition to our watches means pickleball has received more recognition across the world!

The health benefits of living an active lifestyle by playing pickleball are some of the top reasons why the sport is growing so much across the United States with the latest U.S. participant figure at almost 3.5 million players (source: Sports Fitness Industry Association). People of all ages are able to play the game and stay active as a family. In a survey earlier this year, 84% of the respondents indicated that pickleball has had a significant and positive impact on their health & well-being. READ MORE...




Military Officers of America Association (MOAA) Features Some of USA Pickleball's very own Military Retirees

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) recently interviewed three USA Pickleball Ambassadors who are all retired military officials.

“Some military retiree enthusiasts picked up a paddle and never looked back.”

Read the full magazine feature written by Kathie Rowell, spotlighting Cmdr. Mark Peifer, Capt. Laura Patterson and Sgt. Diahann Viada’s passion for pickleball on our website. READ MORE...



Ambassador Leadership Update

USA Pickleball is excited to announce a key Ambassador leadership update.
Steve Stone is the new Director of Ambassadors, effective October 12, 2020. Steve is a Des Moines, IA native and multi-sport enthusiast who was introduced to Pickleball in 2010, as the Iowa Senior Games was looking to add the Sport in their offerings. He searched to learn about the game, how it is played, how it began, the rules, and much, much more. READ MORE...



Honoring the Founders of Pickleball on Bainbridge Island

During the past seven months with tournament play now halted by COVID 19 and with many local pickleball venues temporarily closed, one area of play has been growing exponentially, family play. The online sale of pickleball sets and portable nets has been booming.  Pickleball was invented by three dads on Bainbridge Island, Washington, in the summer of 1965, as a way to keep their kids occupied and entertained. It appears that during the isolation imposed by the pandemic, pickleball is providing those same original benefits for families and friends in driveways and cul de sacs throughout the country.  READ MORE...

Buy a Brick - Become a Part of History
Visit the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation website for more details on how to purchase a brick to be a part of pickleball history. 



Equipment Compliance Testing to begin in 2021

As the game of pickleball continues to grow in popularity, and with substantial prize money now turning top players into traveling professionals, USA Pickleball has chosen to implement a “Compliance Testing Program” as part of their equipment approval process starting in 2021.  READ MORE...


USA Pickleball Juniors

The Next Generation of Pickleball Conquers Kaysville

Tammy Wursten, USA Pickleball Ambassador

Kaysville City Recreation in Kaysville Utah organized a summer drop-in program for youth to help foster their love of pickleball and to also provide kids with an opportunity to practice and meet other kids.  People have said, “where did all these pickleball kids come from?”  They came from as far as ninety minutes away to participate, practice and prepare.  All youth were welcome and we had between thirty-five and fifty-five kids come multiple days a week all summer.  New players joined us every day when they heard about the opportunity to play regularly with other kids.  Everyone became friends and they had opportunities to play with others at their own skill level with adult guidance. There was also a special court set aside for the new eight-year-old players with a parent volunteer to help them.  They practiced their dinks, serves and learned to play the game.  We expect them to be in the youth tournaments next year. READ MORE...



Partner Spotlights

Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters Athlete Spotlight


As the sport of pickleball grows in popularity and participation across the country, many people are jumping onboard because of its fast-paced play and short learning curve. Lasso recognized this emerging sport as a powerful up and comer that people of all ages can play and compete and we wanted to make sure ankles and feet were ready to play their best. Lasso’s first step was to join forces with the governing body of the sport and recently announced its official partnership with USA Pickleball as the official performance sock of the league. READ MORE...


USA Pickleball Announces Pickleball Desk as Our Official Referee and Volunteer Management Platform

How many remember attending a pickleball tournament where everything was done with paper and pencil? If you do, chances are it was a very small tournament. With the meteoric rise of pickleball with now having almost 3.5 million players across the U.S., and the insuppressible demand for structured competition, it is impossible to conduct a modern tournament without the use of computers and the programs available for them.

With that, USA Pickleball is excited to announce Pickleball Desk as our Official Referee and Volunteer Management Platform! READ MORE...



How to Paint a Pickleball Court with SportMaster

SportMaster Sport Surfaces, the official surface of USA Pickleball, provides a step-by-step video on how to correctly paint a pickleball court. Visit the SportMaster instructional VIDEO and find out more details on how to build your own court.


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