August 2021 Newsletter


Forbes: Franklin Partners with USA Pickleball to Inject The Sport's Equipment with New Tech

A Bainbridge Island, Washington, backyard gave birth to pickleball in 1965. But the last couple of years have given rise to a sport that is now the fastest-growing in the United States and seeing technological evolutions designed to improve the game’s equipment. READ MORE...

WGN Radio with John Landecker
George Bauernfeind, CMO of USA Pickleball, joins John Landecker to explain the origins of the game and how you too can be a pickleball pro. LISTEN NOW...

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Membership News

Become a USA Pickleball Board Member
USA Pickleball is looking to hire new volunteer Board Members.This position is open to being remote, check out the applications for more details and apply here:  READ MORE...

USA Pickleball Grant Program brings Pickleball to the Neighborhood

USA Pickleball Community and High School Grant Programs help bring pickleball to neighborhoods. For many communities, a successful pickleball program begins with players wanting to bring the sport of pickleball into their neighborhood or school. Often the beginning is simple. A borrowed net, some tape, a ball, a few paddles, and people willing to try out the new sport with the funny name. Just as often, these early start-ups run into barriers convincing the community and school leaders to invest in the sport. Most sports programs have limited financial means – to invest in a new “novel” sport while other sports programs go wanting is a hard sell for both a community and a school. The grant programs help minimize some of those early start-up financial barriers.

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Upcoming Tournaments on the APP Tour

Visit the APP Tour WEBSITE for a full list of upcoming APP Tour Tournaments, the Official Pro Tour Partner of USA Pickleball. ’s World Pickleball Rankings just got golden with Golden Tickets to Nationals!’s World Pickleball Rankings have been endorsed by USA Pickleball as its Official Pickleball Ranking System for professional players. This endorsement allows to:
  • Provide automatic qualification (“Golden Ticket”) to the USA Pickleball National Championships to the Top 20 professional players in each competition category of the World Pickleball Rankings
  • The competition categories include singles, doubles and mixed doubles for the Pro Women, Pro Men, Senior Pro Men and Senior Pro Women competitive divisions 
  • Golden Tickets will be awarded based on Top 20 rankings on September 1st prior to that year’s National Championship and meeting the qualifying criteria of having competed in at least two of the USA Pickleball National Championship Series qualification tournaments leading up to that year’s National Championships.
Visit for more info. 

Social on the Courts

@mojoandfig - Won the gold for cuteness. Duh.

@honorableloki - Ending the work week in a very interesting but cool barn #usapickleball #tournamentofchampions

@brandon_osterhout - Tropical Storm Henri is outmatched by Woodhill Picklers #usapickleball

@ssmarie0426 -Went 1-2 in my first 4.5 Mixed 19+ division. I shouldn't have even been playing that division and I won a match! Just makes me want to get better and better! Thanks to my partner, Andrew Astalos who stepped in to allow me to play! 

@honolulutwins - Pickleball Yoga!

USA Pickleball Member Stories

Member Spotlight: Bob Gearheart of Missoula, Montana

When asked how USA Pickleball members have made an impact in the local community, Carol Buerman nominated Bob Gearheart from Missoula, Montana. This is what she had to say about how he showcases his pride for strengthening the sport: Bob Gearheart has made a huge difference in our ability to continue participating and playing pickleball in the Missoula Community. READ MORE...

Retired Commander of the U.S. Navy Teaches Pickleball to Boost Veterans' Self Esteem

Steven Harper, the Executive Director of Military Adaptive Court Sports (MACS), is also a retired Lt. Cmdr of the US NAVY who began learning to play racquetball while on active duty, ironically assigned to a nuclear-powered ballistic submarine in Kings Bay, GA back in 2004.  He truly found his calling later when he was stationed in San Diego, practicing racquetball at the gym at Balboa Hospital, when he saw a Marine with an amputated leg walking up the stairs away from the gym, and the Calling came to him – “Go teach that Marine how to play racquetball…!!”  READ MORE...
Joel Rauch: How Pickleball Saved Our Lives

They say that the days can pass by slowly but the years go by quickly. As my wife, Fran and I entered our ‘Medicare years’, we realized that our social life was ebbing due to a variety of reasons. Friends moving to Florida, friends passing away and just letting friendships go due to a lack of energy as the aging process started to take its toll. READ MORE...

What's the Latest from USA Pickleball?

Happy August, USA Pickleball Members!

With summer coming to a close, we hope all of our USA Pickleball members have been enjoying family vacations, friendly pickleball matches and a lot of time enjoying staying active and healthy. 

As we head into Fall, we wish you all the best as you prepare for upcoming tournaments and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Some of the upcoming USA Pickleball Sanctioned tournaments coming up this weekend include: 

  • USA Pickleball Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships - August 26-29
  • APP Philadelphia Pickleball Open - August 26-29
  • California Open - August 27-29
  • 2021 Willamette Valley SSIPA @ Albany Tennis Club – August 27-29
  • Idaho Senior Games Pickleball – August 27-29
  • 2021 Royal Oak Skill Level Tournament – August 28-30 

Be sure to check out a full list of upcoming tournaments on



2021 Tournament of Champions Highlights

The 2021 Tournament of Champions took place August 18-22 in Brigham City, Utah, and was filled with victories from big names as well as breakthrough wins for some rising stars.

Ben Johns and his partners Simone Jardim and Collin Johns took home titles in Mixed and Men’s Doubles. While Jessie Irvine and Catherine Parenteau both won their first Women’s title, this was Catherine’s first title at TOC. On the Singles side, two new champions were crowned, with JW Johnson and Anna Leigh Waters coming out on top. The Sr. Pro champions this year included Thunder Lopez and John Sperling in the men’s event, Cammy MacGregor and Jennifer Dawson (defending champions in Sr. Women’s Doubles), and Dayne Gingrich with Chris Karges taking home the Sr. Mixed Doubles title. READ MORE...

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Rob Cassidy Joins USA Pickleball Rules Committee

Chairman of the USA Pickleball Rules Committee, Mark Peifer, has announced that Rob Cassidy will be joining the USA Pickleball Rules Committee as the sixth member of the committee, effective August 6, 2021. “Rob brings a wealth of rules and player experience to the Committee.  As a player on the professional level – and sometimes as a referee – he brings not only a different type of experience, but also a strong desire to help sustain the game as fun and competitive.  I’m pleased he has accepted the invitation to join the committee.” READ MORE...



USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide

When USA Pickleball Director of Officiating and Chairman of the Rules Committee Mark Peifer recognized the need for a USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide, he decided to draw from the ranks of USA Pickleball Ambassadors to form a team to develop such a document, saying, “our Ambassadors are involved in all areas of the sport, including both tournament and recreational play, and are uniquely able to represent the pickleball community at-large.”

For more details and to Download the USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide HERE.




The Pretty Picklers Podcast: Be An Ambassador with USA Pickleball

USA Pickleball CEO, Stu Upson, and Managing Director of Competition, Karen Parrish, joined The Pretty Picklers Podcast to give them the low down on the benefits of participating in a USA Pickleball sanctioned event, tips on where to start when registering for tournaments, and what you can do to be a pickleball ambassador! TUNE IN HERE


Partner Spotlights

Franklin X-40 Becomes Official Ball of USA Pickleball as Part of New Partnership with Sport’s Governing Body

Franklin Sports and USA Pickleball were excited to announce our multi-year partnership agreement back in June. As part of the agreement, Franklin’s signature X-40 ball becomes the Official Ball of USA Pickleball, which provides opportunities for all players including organizing and hosting a wide variety of regional and national pickleball tournaments on an annual basis. READ MORE...



Superior Labs Announced as Official Supplement Sponsor of USA Pickleball

USA Pickleball announced that Superior Labs has become the official Nutritional Supplements sponsor of USA Pickleball. Superior Labs, which makes supplements that support healthy aging, will provide financial support to USA Pickleball and promotional pricing to USA Pickleball players and fans. READ MORE..

Advertisement and USA Pickleball Announce Continued Partnership and USA Pickleball have agreed to an extension of their partnership through 2023 in support of growing the game of Pickleball. In support of this continued partnership, will be:

  • Paying the USA Pickleball sanctioning fee for sanctioned tournaments running on
  • Reducing the per player software access fee by 50% for sanctioned tournaments
  • Continuing in its role as USA Pickleball’s Official Tournament Ratings Provider supporting UTPR for sanctioned tournaments



USA Pickleball Announces as Official Equipment Retailer

USA Pickleball announces, the pickleball specialty superstore, as the Official Equipment Retailer partner. As the largest pickleball retailer in the United States, the partnership brings Pickleball Central’s expertise and selection to tournaments through 2023, ensuring players and fans an exceptional experience.’s tournament retail shop will showcase their selection by representing multiple equipment manufacturers in-person at tournaments across the country allowing players and spectators to review, demo and purchase equipment from leading brands. READ MORE...



USA Pickleball Announces OS1st as Official Sock and Compression Bracing Partner

We are excited to announce OS1st® as the Official Sock and Compression Bracing Partner.

OS1st compression bracing, and performance socks are designed with patented Compression Zone® Technology using varied compression levels to target and support muscles. This textile engineering assists players on and off the court with the PB4® Pickleball Sock as well as flexible, easy-to-wear bracing sleeves for tennis elbow, shin splints, wrist injury, knee support and more.  READ MORE...




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