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Vanity Fair: How Pickleball Won Over Everyone From Leonardo DiCaprio to Your Grandparents
Pickleball for ALL! Craig Coyne (actor, screenwriter, director and husband of Barbara Bush), shares his Hollywood Pickleball experiences in his recent article for Vanity Fair Magazine, “How Pickleball Won Over Everyone From Leonardo DiCaprio to Your Grandparents.” READ MORE...

Boston Globe: Pickleball is growing at an almost unprecedented rate in the history of American Sports
Stu Upson, USA Pickleball CEO, spoke with The Boston Globe about the exponential growth of pickleball and why everyone has been hearing about it so much. READ MORE...

Check out the September/October issue of Pickleball Magazine HERE

Ready to start making your holiday wish list? The Pickleball Magazine 2022 Product Guide was just released. Check out the full special Gear Guide HERE

Membership News

Show us Your Membership Kits!
It's Official! USA Pickleball Member Kits were mailed to members. Show us your offiical membership kits by tagging @USAPickleball on social media. Let's Keep Growing! 

USA Pickleball Grant Program brings Pickleball to the Neighborhood

USA Pickleball Community and High School Grant Programs help bring pickleball to neighborhoods. For many communities, a successful pickleball program begins with players wanting to bring the sport of pickleball into their neighborhood or school. Often the beginning is simple. A borrowed net, some tape, a ball, a few paddles, and people willing to try out the new sport with the funny name. Just as often, these early start-ups run into barriers convincing the community and school leaders to invest in the sport. Most sports programs have limited financial means – to invest in a new “novel” sport while other sports programs go wanting is a hard sell for both a community and a school. The grant programs help minimize some of those early start-up financial barriers.

Visit our WEBSITE for more details!

Upcoming Tournaments on the APP Tour

Visit the APP Tour WEBSITE for a full list of upcoming APP Tour Tournaments, the Official Pro Tour Partner of USA Pickleball. 

Social on the Courts

@teresapickleballaddict - Hilton Head APP is a wrap! Played in 4 events! Won a Silver Medal in 5.0 50+ with Patty Gallegos... blind date and Patty is a fantastic player! Played with Bob White in Mixed Senior Pro going 3-2 and Nancy Henderson 2-2. Had some BIG wins and a crazy tough bracket in both! Starting to embrace Singles in Senior Pro and went 1-2 with another BIG win for me! The Venue was AMAZONG! Excellent tournament and thansk to the @OfficialAPPTour, Ken, the referees and volunteers!

@lolo_strat_pb - Had a blast in Hilton Head this past weekend - shout out to my parents, aunt, unlce and grandma for coming out and supporting me over the weekend - and making a nice little vacay out of it 

@brainsdoc - It was such a great experience playing the @officialapptour Hilton Head tournament, beautiful venue, wonderful hospitality, and great competition. Thansk so much to my amazing partners 

@_jessicaajones_ - Thank you @officialapptour for throwing an incredible tournament in Hilton Head this weekend! It was definitely the most organized tournament we've played in yet and was such a pleasant experience!

@pickleballmaui - More spooks on the Pukaball court! Watch out!! 

 - How many kids can you get on the court??? Such a fun pickleball night! 

Bob Franceschelli Interview: Big Time Beer Exec and now Pickleball Fanatic --

Carl, host of the podcast "I Used to Be Somebody," talks with Bob Franceschelli, a former top exec for Anheuser Busch, CEO for a new cardiac rehab program, present Board Member of USA Pickleball, and more. Bob "goes for the whole nine yards" -- he really feels like anything and everything is possible. This is exactly Bob Franceschelli‘s vision for how he’s living his (un)retirement. TUNE IN HERE

USA Pickleball Member Stories

Wedding Vows Exchanged on the Pickleball Court

They say it’s not best to play pickleball with your spouse to keep your relationship healthy, but nobody ever said you shouldn’t get married on the pickleball court! READ MORE...

A Pickleball Tournament with a Higher Cause

By: Bill Kuerz

There are many reasons an organization decides to have a tournament.  They may need new courts, lights, nets….whatever.  And then, the organization might take up a higher cause. In Klamath Falls, Oregon members of a local club called the Klamath Basin Pickleball Association, formed the Paddling for Childhood Cancer (PFCC) committee.  The committee was composed of a dozen or so individuals of various backgrounds and specialties focused on one purpose – to raise funds for local families who have a child with cancer. READ MORE...

Dan Beeman: Pickleball and Service: Growing Together

Have you heard of this silly sport and happy marriage of Pickleball and Service? From an Army Airborne Paratrooper to pickleball Ambassador; Dan Beeman has never stopped serving. At 50, Beeman was involved in a major car accident and subsequently had a double fusion of his vertebrae in his back.  While this traumatic event impacted his mobility, it also opened the door to a new passion. READ MORE...

What's the Latest from USA Pickleball?

Happy October, USA Pickleball Members!

Fall is underway and we are so close to coming together for the biggest Pickleball event of the year, the 2021 Margaritavile USA Pickleball National Championships! Hosted December 6th - 14th in Indian Wells, CA. 

Our USA Pickleball team, Indian Wells Tennis Garden staff, partners, referees and ambassadors are working hard on making it a great experience for everyone as we celebrate an incredible year of pickleball action and the largest growth our sport has seen to date! 

Be sure to check out USAPickleball.org as we make upcoming announcements for the National Championships schedule, plus the 2022 National Championship Series schedule! See you all soon. 

Wishing all of our Members a Fun and Safe Halloween. We want to see your Pickleball-themed Halloween costumes! Be sure to tag @USAPickleball on your fun and spooky Instagram posts so we can share some of our favorites. 

Some of the upcoming USA Pickleball Sanctioned tournaments coming up this week include:

  • Eastern Idaho Pickleball Classic in Idaho Falls, ID - October 28 - 30
  • Goblin Classic in support of Mental Health in Ogden, UT - October 28 - 30
  • American Riviera Classic of Santa Barbara - October 29 - 31
  • SPA Monster Smash in Surprise, AZ - October 29 - November 1

Be sure to check out a full list of upcoming tournaments on USAPickleball.org/events.



National Championship Series: Hilton Head Open

The fourth and final USA Pickleball National Championship Series event this year was the APP Hilton Head Open which took place October 13th - 17th at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis & Pickleball Center in Hilton Head, SC. The five-day event featured over 800 players with pro players competing for $60,000 in prize money. As a USA Pickleball NSC event "golden tickets" to the Margaritaville USA Pickleball's National Championships were also on the line for gold medal winners. The event was hosted by Sarah Ansboury and Patrick Smith. 


  • Men's Singles: Zane Navratil
  • Women's Singles: Catherine Parenteau
  • Men's Doubles: JW Johnson / Dylan Frazier
  • Women's Doubles: Vivienne David / Lea Jansen
  • Mixed Doubles: Simone Jardim / JW Johnson


  • Men's Singles: Paul Olin
  • Women's Singles: Julie Johnson
  • Men's Doubles: John Sperling / Mircea Morariu 
  • Women's Doubles: Sarah Mitten / Julie Johnson
  • Mixed Doubles: Kim Kesner / Scott Crandall
Several pro and sr. pro matches were broadcasted on the USA Pickleball YouTube channel, ForTheFans Network and ESPN+. 

MISSED THE ACTION? - Visit our YouTube Channel to watch the Pro and Sr. Pro matches from the Hilton Head Open! 



Introducing Nationals Rewind: Top 10 Plays

Only 6 weeks away to the 2021 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships – December 6 – 14, 2021!

To kick things off, we have been introducing Nationals Rewind: Top 10 Plays, a brand-new video series featuring ten best plays from the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships.

#10 presented by Margaritaville and features mother daughter duo Leigh Waters and Anna Leigh Waters with an action packed put away punch against Lucy Kovalola and Irina Tereschenko! READ MORE...

#9 is presented by Margaritaville and features Simone Jardim putting it past Lucy Kovalova during the gold medal match.READ MORE...

#8 presented by Pickleball Central features Ben John’s outlasting Tyson McGuffin as they battle for gold. READ MORE...



Ben and Collin Johns Play Pickleball on Live with Kelly and Ryan!

Ben and Collin Johns headed to New York City and taught Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest how to play pickleball on "LIVE with Kelly and Ryan!" Ben and Kelly went up against Collin and Ryan in a friendly match live in the streets of New York.  WATCH HERE...



USA Pickleball Announces Ratings Improvement Project

USA Pickleball’s Chief Operating Officer, Justin Maloof recently announced the formation of a new diverse team to review and explore improvements to the current USA Pickleball player rating system.  A player rating is intended to be a numerical figure that best represents the skill level of the particular player.  It is currently used primarily for tournament seeding. READ MORE… 



USA Pickleball High School Grant Program

With a new high school year now in session it is time for all current USA Pickleball members to consider introducing the USA Pickleball High School Grant Program to a school in your area.  The grant allows the purchase of start-up pickleball equipment up to a maximum of $350.00 for regular physical education (PE) classes and after school programs.
This very popular program has allowed youth to become involved with our sport in a very broad and efficient way---through our established education systems---public, parochial or private.
The applications for the High School Grant Program as well as the Community Grant Program can be found on the USA Pickleball website. Get your applications in as soon as possible. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION...



Partner Spotlights

OS1st: How to Prevent Common Pickleball Injuries

We’ve all been there – you’re playing a great match then you feel that twinge, creak, pop, and sudden onset of pain.

Injury will stop you mid-match and affect your over-all health if not treated and healed properly, which is why OS1st makes products designed to help with pickleball injury prevention.

Did you know that pickleball players may be at a higher risk for injury? The average age of core players (playing at least 8 or more times per year) is 47.5. And, if you’ve ever been 47.5, you know it’s a great age to start discovering new aches and pains. READ MORE...




USA Pickleball Announces New Partnership with eHealth

USA Pickleball is excited to announce a new partnership with eHealth, Inc., a leading online health insurance marketplace. Through this unique partnership, players and fans can review, compare and enroll in a broad selection of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that support their active lifestyles. READ MORE..




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